She’s waiting for death

Enola Forever (p.b)                 SHE’S WAITING FOR DEATH                                    09/12/16

She plays with the knife drawing it over her skin, watching the blood flow. Serenity, paradise, that’s what it leads to but she only does this in her mind, fear holding her back from doing it in the real world. There’s a hold on her throat, a pressing feeling on her chest. She goes without eating as punishment, it’s gotten bad because she can feel her tripe twisting, the feeling of throwing up strong in her stomach from the emptiness. She doesn’t want to be here but she doesn’t want to go home either, she wants to be free. Free in the sense of not belonging. She’s not sure where she’ll end up if it will be up above hearing corals and children laughing or below, burning in flames as her screams for help is of no use. Hell seems like the perfect fit at the moment…she doesn’t deserve to be happy, she couldn’t help him so she doesn’t deserve to be happy. She deserves to burn in hell and scream until her throat goes dry, the flames grow hotter, never ending, never seizing, and neither does her screams. Scream, that’s all she wants to do; scream out her frustration, scream out her pain, scream for her lost, scream for death to come and take her. She sees death as her escape. An escape from her pain, her misery, and her heartache.

            She’s in college but he couldn’t finish primary school, how is that fair? She can’t compare to him, she can’t be the change he would have. She’s not as smart as he was or loved as he was, she’s not as needed as he was. It hurts and they will never understand how much it hurts. She doesn’t say anything because they’ll just say the same thing over and over again ‘you’re stupid, you need to let go yadda.’ She’s tired, so tired of pretending that it’s catching up with her. She’s tired of pretending like she’s okay like everything is fine when it’s not, like she is not falling apart when she is. She doesn’t remember what he looks like, what he sounds like, what he felt like, what he smelled like, she hardly remembers him and it’s killing her. She’s tired of waking up in the middle of the night trying to remember every detail of him but fail to do so and ends up crying herself to sleep day in day out. She beats herself up because she’s here and he’s not, because she can’t remember him and it’s starting to take a toll on her. She doesn’t know how to pretend or play it off anymore because it’s starting to become too much and she’s not sure how much longer she’ll be able to hold on. She doesn’t want to hold on anymore. She can’t do it without him anymore, she can’t pretend anymore, she can’t lie that she has forgotten him anymore. She can’t hold herself up anymore for this world because only the thought of him held her together but now she can’t remember you and she’s been falling apart because of it.

She’s dying without him. He didn’t even tell her goodbye and that’s what haunts her the most, he didn’t tell her goodbye. For months now she has been falling apart with no one to help her, they think she is just acting out but what they fail to see is that she is falling apart and just doesn’t know how to pull herself back to pretending. If only she could hear his voice again, maybe then she could pretend to be okay again and go back to the girl everyone is used to but now she has forgotten what he sounds like and look like and she’s not sure what to do. These past few months of not knowing has been killing her, she can’t close her eyes anymore and hear his voice or see his face and she’s not sure what to do. The photos have gotten blurry that she can’t make out his face which is another bullet to the heart. Why can’t she be normal? Screw that shit, why can’t she have him back? When is death going to see that it was a mistake to take him? It’s been so long how come he/she can’t see they made a mistake, why can’t they see they should have taken her instead? She needed him and death took him.

When will she ever get a response as to why he was taken? When will she ever get a good reason as to why she needs him? Can’t they see that she needs to remember him to survive? She needs to remember him to go back to the girl everyone is used to. She’s tired of faking laughs and faking smiles to seem half okay when all she is, is gone. So far gone that she’s dead, so freaking dead that the only thing that keeps her alive is the sound of her dead brother’s voice and his image but now she doesn’t remember any of it so she’s denigrating. There’s no one to save her and she can’t even save herself, so she waits for death to realize its mistake. She waits for death to undo it, undo its mistake or give her a chance to hear her sweet brother’s voice again and remember what he looks like. She waits because that’s all that’s left to do. While she goes nuts, she waits.

I’m back and I’m back on a mission

So what if someone chooses to love someone of the same sex or of both sex? We are all humans, we all have emotions and a heart which we can not control who it falls for. There are parents out there who said yes the Orlando shooting was a good thing because it got rid of a certain amount of “gays”, their families can’t even bury them in peace without being yelled at that what they are doing is a sin. YOU KILLING PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE IS A SIN, YOU TAKING ON GOD’S WORK WHEN IT WAS NOT GIVEN TO YOU IS A SIN. God planned all of this, he planned how all of us should be, so why keep interfering with it? If your child were a gay and he died, would you just stand there and say ‘I told u what you were doing was a sin, now take the punishment’ or would you be on your knees crying, begging God to give you back your child? Wouldn’t you want to bury him in peace? Wouldn’t you have wanted him to live out his life? No one is perfect, no one keeps making the right decisions and no knows what God has planned for them. Do unto others as you would like them to do into you. Just remember that. -enola.forever (Primrose Burrell) My prayers and blessings goes out to all those in pain and suffering, to all the families that lost someone from the lgbt+ community. 🙏🙏🙏🙏👬👭👬👭💖 ‪#‎gays‬ ‪#‎lgbt‬ ‪#‎lgbtcommunity‬ ‪#‎lgbtsupport‬ #lgbt

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Feel free to share, re-blog. This is getting out of hand because it should not matter what religion or sexuality we choose, no one deserves to be shot to death.
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Ever had that one guy or girl, that you just can not get over? You sit and watch them move on, love again, finds a next partner and be happy; while you’re there sitting, watching and hurting. Has that ever happened to you? Somehow I would rather take the pain of knowing he will move on than sit around thinking he is going to come back to me. I love him, trust me I do and I always will but I wonder when I’ll be able to move on as he has and be free, when?

You’re married to a woman but you’re NOT a lesbian?

Totally agree here.
No one should be forced to label themselves to one category.
Everyone should be free to be you they want to be when they want,
Yea I’m straight, I’m attracted to guys but that doesn’t mean I should label myself as *Straight*.
Hey, once you love who you are, screw everybody else and embrace it whether they like it or not.
Be yourself.
Love yourself.
Embrace who you are.
Screw everyone else.

Bree Guildford Erotica

I have just finished writing the latest story in the  Georgia & Zoe series (Georgia: Exposed), and in the story (amongst other far sexier things) Zoe introduces Georgia to her family.  Grandma’s reaction goes something like this:

“So you’re a lesbian now darling?” Zoe’s grandma, Ida, asked and Zoe laughed quietly.
“No grandma, I’m not a lesbian, but I am very much in love with this beautiful woman,” Zoe said proudly.
“I don’t understand how you can be in love with a woman and not be a lesbian, but I am very happy to hear you are in love,” Zoe’s grandma responded, smiling softly at both of them.

I guess you could say this particular part of the story is based on personal experience, because it is a conversation I have had many times, as has my wonderful wife.  I am a woman who is VERY happily married to another…

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Just Wondering

I wonder if the persons that broke us ever sit and think about how it might affect us. Like for instance, rapers, do they ever sit and think how the person will see others (men/women) after what they did to them? Do they try to understand the level of pain and turmoil they have inflicted on the victim? Do they ever just ever sit and wonder about what they are doing to people?

Do the persons that ever betrayed you, ever try to put themselves in your shoes and try to see what it feels like to be betrayed by someone you once held dear? Continue reading “Just Wondering”